The Herd Leadership Council (HLC) is a smaller, more intimate community and is a great way to get involved on campus. The HLC has 12-15 leadership positions available for CU students.  These student volunteers run The Herd, the student alumni association at the University of Colorado Boulder. Being a part of the HLC is a chance for students to have a great time, meet great people, be the student voice of the Alumni Association, and gain valuable leadership experience. Herd Leaders will have the opportunity to gain experience in marketing/advertising, event planning, communications, business development, time management, teamwork and much more! 

The Herd Leadership Council meets every Tuesday from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. during the school year. Other time commitments include a few hours each week to plan outside of the meeting time, attend and work Herd events, and attend leadership development and team building workshops that may occur outside of the meeting time. Furthermore, Herd Leaders are provided with opportunities throughout the year to network with alumni through Alumni Association events, Alumni Association Board of Advisors meetings and Chapter events.

Member Responsibilities:

  1. General rules:
    1. Be respectful.
    2. Be committed.
    3. Be motivated.
    4. Be punctual.
    5. Be proactive.
    6. Be communicative.
    7. Be in the know.
    8. Be a leader.
    9. Be productive.
    10. Be professional.
    11. Be proud.
  2. Required attendance:
    1. Herd meetings held every Tuesday evening from 6-8 p.m.  HLs are required to notify the President and Program Manager 24 hours in advance of his/her absence.
    2.  85% of all Herd meetings per semester.
    3. Five out of six leadership development workshops throughout the school year.
    4. The winter leadership retreat.
    5. 70% of all Herd events per semester.
  3. Work on tasks delegated to you outside of the meeting time to be accomplished by the deadlines given.
  4. You must have a Herd membership to be in the Herd Leadership Council.
  5. Wear your nametag and appropriate attire to all events.
  6. Remember our mission, vision and values.
  7. A valid excuse for missing meetings or events include:
    1. A member will be excused for academic class.
    2. A member will be excused for a study session or test. To be clear, this does not include needing to study or write a paper because it is occurring or is due the following day.
    3. A member will be excused for extreme sickness or extreme health problems.
    4. A member will be excused for the death of a family member or friend or other critical emergencies.
    5. Other extenuating circumstances may be approved at the discretion of the President and Program Manager.  Approval requires ten days’ notice before the Herd meeting or Herd event that will be missed.  Approval or denial will be given one week before the missed meeting or event. 
    6. Failure to provide an excuse in a timely manner will result in point deduction.  
  8. Required to attend the Thursday night reception during Leadership Weekend.
    1. There may be additional opportunities during Leadership Weekend for Herd Leaders to attend.  Subject to review as to what will be required to attend.
  9. Required to meet with the Program Manager twice a school year to discuss goals, development and performance evaluations.
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